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What You Can Do to Make a Difference!

Spread The Word

  • Start a circus campaign to educate people in your community about the treatment of animals in circuses. For more information see our Take Action section.

Don't Attend

Child's Circus Brochure

  • Twelve-year-old Julia Davis is a smart kid who really knows right from wrong. Our chief executive officer, Will Travers, was so deeply impressed with her leaflet about circuses (yes, she co-wrote and even illustrated it herself!) that he asked for it to be turned into a key campaign tool to alert young people to the cruelty elephants endure under the big top. Check out our Child's Circus Brochure.

Join The Network

  • Born Free USA is building a nationwide team of activists, a determined and dependable group of people who can help us in one or several of our campaigns, which include animals in entertainment, captive exotic animals and general wildlife protection. By joining our Action Alert team, you can receive weekly updates on animal protection issues that are on our front burner, and you can make a positive difference for animals.

Support Us

  • Become a Member: By becoming a member you will receive a subscription to Animal Issues, our full-color twice-yearly publication with articles on animal issues and major Born Free USA campaigns. Find Out More »
  • Make a Contribution: Your donation to our Elephant Defense Fund of any amount — no matter the size — is vital in helping Born Free USA continue to work for the protection of animals from abuse and exploitation. All donations are tax-deductible in the United States. Find Out More »