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South Dakota State Laws Governing Private Possession of Exotic Animals

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S.D. ADMIN. R. 12:68:18:03 - Permit required.

A permit from the board is required to import nondomestic animals. In addition, a permit as described in § 12:68:18:03.03 is required to possess in South Dakota any nondomestic mammal, or any of its hybrids, listed in this section:

(1) Of the order Carnivora, all nondomestic members of the following families:

(a) Felidae;

(b) Canidae;

(c) Ursidae;

(d) Mustelidae; and

(e) Hyaenidae;

(2) Of the order Artiodactyla, all nondomestic members; and

(3) Of the order Perissodactyla, all nondomestic members of the following families:

(a) Tapiridae; and

(b) Rhinocerotidae.

S.D. ADMIN. R. 12:68:18:03.01 - Specifically prohibited nondomestic mammals.

The board may issue only a temporary permit or a zoo permit for possession of the following nondomestic mammals or any of their hybrids. Possession of these mammals is otherwise specifically prohibited:

(1) Of the family Suidae, all nondomestic members; and

(2) Of the family Canidae, genus Nyctereutes, species procyonoides (raccoon dog). A person possessing before December 31, 1993, a nondomestic mammal listed in this section may not translocate, purchase additions, or market the mammal within South Dakota. A person possessing such a mammal must quarantine the mammal and must obtain a grandfather permit until the mammal is disposed of.


All animals brought into this state for any purpose except immediate slaughter shall be accompanied by a certificate of health, issued in duplicate by authority of the state or territory from which it originates, or by authority of the United States department of agriculture, setting forth that such animals are free from all contagious, infectious, epidemic or communicable disease, and from infestation of destructive parasites and does not originate from a district of quarantine, infestation or infection, and that it has been inspected within a period of not more than thirty days prior to the arrival of such stock. One of the duplicate certificates shall be mailed to the animal industry board at Pierre, in time for it to be received before the animal arrives at its destination, and the other shall be attached to the bill of lading when the animal is brought into the state. Any person who brings animals into the state in violation of this section is guilty of a Class 6 felony.

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