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Born Free USA Helps Lawmakers Pass Legislation

Working with federal, state, and local legislators to strengthen existing animal protection measures or to establish new laws, Born Free USA offers extensive experience drafting legislation, mobilizing grassroots efforts, lobbying, testifying at hearings, and passing bills on a variety of animal issues.

We Can Help You:

  • Draft Legislation

    We have produced model legislation on a variety of animal issues, such as the keeping of exotic animals as "pets," the regulation of pet shops and the sale of unweaned birds, the display of wild and exotic animals, and restricting the use of body-gripping traps. We can use our model legislation as a starting point to create legislation that specifically addresses the needs of your state. With attorneys on staff, we are also able to draft legislation that may not be covered by our model laws. Through research of existing laws and our experience working with similar bills throughout the legislative process, we can advise you on what language is most effective.
  • Mobilize Grassroots Efforts

    With 85,000 members and supporters nationwide, we can successfully generate citizen lobbying efforts to support your bill. We communicate with our members through emailed "action alerts," our quarterly publication, our newsletter, and this website. We can enlist our grassroots team to build support and publicity for your bill. That our previous legislative efforts have been successful is due in no small measure to the efforts of our members, who have attended hearings, written to their legislators, written Letters to the Editor, and spread the word to friends and family.
  • Lobby

    We can provide full lobbying support. We meet with all available legislators and aides to explain the need for a bill. Our legal staff can answer questions about the bill's language, legality, or enforceability, and can discuss any problems with the current regulatory framework. Our animal experts can explain the ecological and biological need for the passage of the bill. We also write and telephone legislators who will vote on the bill.
  • Testify at Hearings

    Finally, we follow the progress of the bill and attend all hearings to provide persuasive and explanatory testimony. Born Free USA's extensive network includes experts on numerous animal issues. These experts will provide vital testimony when an issue calls for experienced explanations and support.
  • Achieve Successful Passage of Bills

    We have assisted in numerous local and state efforts to pass legislation. We will gladly provide you with model legislation and summaries of current animal-related laws, along with relevant facts and figures. Following is a list of subjects in which Born Free USA has expertise and can assist interested legislators.

Born Free USA Areas of Expertise

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We would be happy to assist you with any animal legislation that you are interested in sponsoring. Please contact our Legal and Government Affairs Department by emailing legislation@bornfreeusa.org.