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Pending Bills

Born Free USA united with API tracks some of the pending bills that affect animals at the state and national levels.

State Legislation

For State Legislation, you'll find a map of the United States. Click on any state to see the pending bills for that state. Each bill that applies to any of Born Free USA's campaigns is summarized, along with Born Free USA's position ("support" or "oppose") and what you can do. Contact information is supplied so you can express your concerns directly to your own state legislators.

Federal Legislation

For Federal Legislation, Born Free USA tracks bills that apply to any of our campaigns as well as other animal issues. Each bill is summarized, along with our position ("support" or "oppose") and what you can do. You can quickly see if your Representatives or Senators support the bill by clicking on the links provided to the cosponsors at the Library of Congress site, thomas.loc.gov. We've also provided other resources so you can learn more.