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Wild Animal Traps Do Not Discriminate. Our Database Lists the Cats, Dogs, Others Who Suffer

Coexisting with Wildlife

When we destroy habitat, wild animals find ways to survive in the altered landscape. Some species, such as raccoons, even thrive. This means that wildlife and human interests may come into conflict. Too often, such conflicts are addressed by killing animals — a practice known as "lethal control." However, lethal control is not only ethically objectionable to many Americans, but is also often ineffective, particularly in the long term, at resolving the very problems it is meant to address. The key to successful conflict resolution usually involves modifying human behavior and removing wildlife attractants.

In addition to actively participating in community programs and legislation to resolve human/wildlife conflicts, Born Free USA also offers brochures — on Coexisting with Coyotes, Deer, Geese, Beavers and Wildlife — that offer simple ways to coexist with our wild neighbors.

Take Action!

You can make a difference by adopting two complementary approaches.

  1. Get involved in your community to change the way "nuisance" wildlife is treated. For tips and techniques, see our Introduction to Advocacy.
  2. Use non-lethal ways of living with wildlife. Besides our brochures, you can find a comprehensive look at ways to peacefully coexist with wildlife in "Urban Wildlife: Live and Let Live," an article from the Summer 2005 Animal Issues.