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Born Free USA uses every tool at our disposal — from grassroots campaigns to legislative advocacy to community education to courtroom litigation — to protect animals from cruel traps.

We are determined to counter the myths put forth by proponents of trapping and to show the public the true horrors of this practice. Whether testifying in legislatures, presenting at conferences and community meetings, or using the media to get the word out, we are resolute in our aim to bring about the day when trapping is no more than a relic of a less-enlightened past.

You Can Make a Difference

Leghold and body-gripping traps have been successfully banned in municipalities, states or provinces, and entire nations around the world, but only because someone was compassionate enough and cared enough to start, and finish, the process.

To help you succeed, at our Ban Cruel Traps website you'll find step-by-step tools for you and others who join you in a campaign to ban cruel traps.

You'll find step-by-step tools on:

If you're not ready to run your own anti-trapping campaign, you can find and be part of one that's already happening. Even writing letters and attending your state wildlife agency's public hearings go a long way in speaking up for the animals. You can learn more about targeting trapping through the administrative rulemaking process.

Other Ways You Can Help

Want to help in other ways? It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of "non-target" animals fall victim to indiscriminate body-gripping traps each year in the U.S. alone. Submit a Report if you have experienced an incident of a companion or other non-target animal being trapped. We will use this information to make a difference and work to end cruel trapping in your community.