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Want to make a difference? We'll show you how step-by-step.

Have a particular animal issue you're interested in? Then take action By Campaign where you'll discover the best actions you can take to help animals in that situation.

Want to help animals by changing the law? Then visit our legislative area where you can learn about the laws currently on the books and find out where the work needs to be done ... contact your local and national legislators and urge them to do the right thing for animals ... find out what you can do to change the law in your city ... and much more.

Want to know what you can quickly do to help Born Free USA? See our Action Alerts. Here, from the comfort of your mouse, you can send emails to targeted individuals or campaigns with just a click.

In short, all the tools and resources you'll need are in this section. So have fun and explore!

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Today, I Looked into the Eyes of an Elephant

Read about Born Free's work to help elephants in Sri Lanka. Zoos and circuses look to Sri Lanka as a source of elephants for captive exploitation, and human-elephant conflict sometimes yields deadly results for this fragile elephant population. Click here to learn more, and to make a donation to help rescue, rehabilitate, and release Sri Lankan elephants back into the wild.

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H.B. 1750: Ending Dog, Cat, and Pigeon Killing [2013-14]

Update (November 18, 2013): This bill passed the House, and is in the Senate.

Bill Description:
This bill would end the slaughtering or selling of dogs and cats for human consumption. An amendment would also end live pigeon shoots.

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