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Born Free USA Blog
Adam M Roberts

Born Free USA Blog

by Adam M Roberts,
Chief Executive Officer

When it comes to animals, Adam Roberts not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. Since beginning his animal advocacy career in Washington, D.C. in 1991, Adam's ambition, tireless involvement, and profound knowledge of conservation and wildlife issues have cemented him as a go-to voice for protecting animals — and he has elevated Born Free USA to the respected and impactful organization that we know today. Adam's compassionate, informed, and forward-thinking blogs will surely motivate you to join us in our fight to Keep Wildlife in the Wild.

Lion Meat in Kansas? Not So Fast …

Published 08/15/12

When we learned last week that a restaurant in Wichita, Kansas, was offering an “ultimate dining experience” that included African lion meat, we decided to get our supporters involved in a campaign to flood the restaurant with protests.

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L.A. Zoo Slapped on Elephant Care

Published 07/30/12

So now we know the truth: California Superior Court Judge John L. Segal has forbidden the use of bullhooks and electric shocks to control or train Tina, Jewel and Billy, the three elephants at the Los Angeles Zoo’s $42 million "Elephants of Asia" exhibit. The soil, which has been compared by some experts with concrete, needs to be broken up to reduce the impact on their joints and feet and they require that the zoo exercise the three elephants for at least two hours a day in their postage-stamp-size (2.6-acre) enclosure.

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Activist Seeks a Lasting Impact

Published 07/30/12

“The difference between an activist and a non-activist is understanding you have the ability to make a change.” This quote is from my friend, Ofir Drori, one of the last lines in the postscript of his new book, “The Last Great Ape: A Journey through Africa and a Fight for the Heart of the Continent.” This simple quote encapsulates Ofir’s dogma and the underlying purpose of his book: Everyone can and should generate beneficial change, no matter how large or small.

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Let the Rescue Begin!

Published 07/25/12

One of the most special days in Born Free USA’s history has arrived. We are ready, and we are excited!

Today the first batch of more than 100 monkeys from the Wild Animal Orphanage arrives at our Primate Sanctuary in south Texas. Last year we struck a deal to provide lifetime care for the macaques (and one baboon) after the WAO went bankrupt. In the eight months since, Director Tim Ajax and the rest of our sanctuary’s staff members have been working extra hard to build enclosures and make all the other necessary preparations for the WAO monkeys’ arrival.

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Progress, of a Sort, for Elephants?

Published 07/16/12

Did you know that for every 10 elephants who die these days, eight are killed by poachers?

That’s a shocking statistic. And what makes it even worse is that less than a decade ago, four of every 10 elephant deaths were attributed to poaching. In other words, criminal activity against one of the planet’s iconic species is surging upward.

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Age of Reason?

Published 07/10/12

"Ice Age 3: Continental Drift" opens in theaters this week, and I can’t help but wonder if our sense of reason has gone adrift lately at the way we look at the icy regions of our planet and the wildlife that calls the Arctic home.

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Baby Chimp’s Public Mauling Is Latest Zoo Tragedy

Published 07/02/12

We certainly have our fill of outrage in the animal protection business. Last week I received another unsavory serving of it when I learned a baby chimpanzee had been mauled to death at the Los Angeles Zoo — in front of zoo visitors.

The 3-month-old female, who was the first chimpanzee born in the zoo in 13 years, was grabbed from her mother by an unrelated male who tossed the infant around, resulting in her death.

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Cee Lo Green's Cockatoo Exploitation

Published 06/29/12

Note: This blog also appears on the Huffington Post.

NBC Television's popular show "The Voice" is employing a Moluccan cockatoo to accompany Cee Lo Green.

As far as I'm concerned, this kind of animal exploitation doesn't fly.

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