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Born Free USA Blog
Adam M Roberts

Born Free USA Blog

by Adam M Roberts,
Chief Executive Officer

When it comes to animals, Adam Roberts not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. Since beginning his animal advocacy career in Washington, D.C. in 1991, Adam's ambition, tireless involvement, and profound knowledge of conservation and wildlife issues have cemented him as a go-to voice for protecting animals — and he has elevated Born Free USA to the respected and impactful organization that we know today. Adam's compassionate, informed, and forward-thinking blogs will surely motivate you to join us in our fight to Keep Wildlife in the Wild.

Crush, Burn, Wipe it All Away: Only Elephants Should Have Ivory

Published 12/18/13

France has now announced that it will destroy its stockpiled elephant ivory – which could amount in the tens of tons after years of imports from Africa. It leaves me reflective of the ivory burns in Kenya and the recent ivory crush in the U.S.

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Lion Hunter becomes Target of Media Uproar

Published 11/26/13

The international community is in an uproar, so to speak—and for good reason. In an ironic turn of events, Melissa Bachman, big-game hunter and host of an American hunting show called “Winchester Deadly Passion,” now finds herself to be the one under fire.

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Ethiopia's Proud Wildlife Heritage

Published 11/01/13

I recently read the latest annual report from the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme (EWCP), a vital wildlife protection program supported for years by Born Free. EWCP works in partnership with the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority to save this incredibly fragile species.

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Time to Renew the Deep Commitment to Our Ele-friends!

Published 10/17/13

What an exciting time for elephants! Born Free continues our decades-long struggle to save elephants across Africa from deadly poachers’ bullets, and now is a pivotal moment in our historic quest to preserve pachyderms peacefully in the wild, where they belong.

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Running Wild for Born Free USA

Published 09/20/13

I’m always inspired by those who take it upon themselves to raise money for animals. And, I love it when they accept a challenge in order to do so. So, I’m particularly excited that a Born Free USA supporter has combined the two to make a real impact.

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fffashion: Fur-Free Fashion: Eco-Friendly, Ethical... AND Stylish!

Published 09/06/13

Congratulations to the winners of Born Free USA & E Magazine’s 5th annual fffashion Fur Free Fashion Competition! Yes, conservation can have compassion… and so can fashion!

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Sloths as pets? Come on!

Published 08/27/13

Adorable! Cuddly! Why are we so enamored by all things cute and furry – including inappropriate ones?

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Got Two Tigers by the Tail?

Published 08/22/13

Two critically endangered Sumatran tigers were born earlier this month at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. Hooray! Tigers breed in captivity. Not new. Not helpful.

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