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U.S. Trapping Investigation Photo Captions

Photos shot in Pennsylvania in January 2011

CREDIT FOR ALL PHOTOS: Born Free USA / Respect for Animals©

Click to enlarge T-1) A red fox is tangled up in a cable snare. The trapper admitted that this type of snare is illegal but that he uses it anyway.
Click to enlarge T-2) The trapper kills the red fox by crushing the fox's chest and lungs with his foot. The fox is restrained by a catch pole.
Click to enlarge T-3) The trapped red fox is suffocated via foot crushing.
Click to enlarge T-4) A dead coyote who had been caught in a cable snare is discarded by the trapper, who deems the animal's fur condition unsatisfactory. A foot injury from the snare is visible.
Click to enlarge T-5) Collateral damage: A nontargeted fox squirrel is caught by both front legs by a leghold trap set for bobcats. Both the squirrel's legs have been cut to the bone. The squirrel is released alive but likely will not survive due to the severity of the injuries.
Click to enlarge T-6) Trappers drown a raccoon who had been caught in a leghold trap that had been set in water.
Click to enlarge T-7) A red fox who had been caught in a leghold trap is restrained by a catch pole.
Click to enlarge T-8) A trapper's foot crushes the trapped fox.
Click to enlarge T-9) Collateral damage: A nontargeted domestic cat is strangled to death by a cable snare.
Click to enlarge T-10) Collateral damage: A nontargeted opossum plays dead on the side of the road after being released with an injured front leg from a leghold trap.
Click to enlarge T-11) A gray fox sustains a leg injury in a leghold trap. The fox later was crushed to death under a trapper's knee.
Click to enlarge T-12) The gray fox caught in leghold trap awaits his grim fate.

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