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Non-Target Trapping Incidents

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Total Incidents: 442 view map View Map
Death Toll: 172 view map View Map
Top State: Wisconsin view map View Map
Top Species: Dog view map View Map

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Location/Date Description Species
Aug 03, 2014
Modena, UT
Brody, a red-tick coon hound, broke his own foot trying to escape from a leg-hold... Dog
Jul 07, 2014
Wilson, WY
Unidentified dog caught in snare and released by owner. Dog
Jul 07, 2014
Wilson, WY
A husky, German shepherd mix named Kiro was caught in a snare trap that was... Dog
Jul 04, 2014
Moran, WY
Unidentified dog caught in a snare trap, but was released. Dog
Jun 11, 2014
Southport, NC
A leg-hold trap that ensnared a cat resulting in an amputation of one of its... Cat
May 05, 2014
Westmoreland, PA
A woman found a cat caught in a trap and dragging it across a neighbor's yard.... Cat
Feb 24, 2014
Emmitsburg, MD
A 7-year old beagle named Jackson was caught in a muskrat trap. Officials estimate... Dog
Feb 21, 2014
Coeur d'Alane, ID
A dog out for a walk was caught in a leg-hold trap put on the dog guardian's... Dog
Feb 18, 2014
Royal Oaks, CA
A man found his cat, Scruffy, hiding under a deck in front of his house with... Cat
Feb 18, 2014
Taylor, NE
A mountain lion was unintentionally killed n a snare trap set to catch bobcats... Other
Feb 11, 2014
Springfield, MO
A pet cat was found with a foot-hold trap clamped around her leg. The cat was... Cat
Feb 08, 2014
Cabinet Moutains, ID
A rare and secretive Canadian lynx was unintentionally caught in a trap. The... Other
Feb 03, 2014
Las Cruces, NM
Two dogs were caught in separate traps. Hank, a lab mix, was lured to a trap... Dog
Jan 28, 2014
Coeur d'Alene, ID
A family in Idaho says their dog was killed after it was caught in an unmarked... Dog
Jan 23, 2014
Los Alamos, NM
A dog being walked on a public trail was caught in a leg-hold trap. The guardians... Dog
Jan 21, 2014
Houston, TX
A stray black lab named Lucas was found by volunteers from Melrose Park Neglected... Dog
Jan 11, 2014
Coeur D'Alene, ID
A 4-year old black lab named Billi was killed after getting caught in a conibear... Dog
Dec 20, 2013
Billings, MT
Three dogs were reported caught in two snares and one leg-hold trap. Dog
Dec 20, 2013
Nine Mile Valley, MT
During an outing to cut down a Christmas tree, a family dog was caught in a... Dog
Dec 10, 2013
Nine Mile Valley, MT
Two dogs belonging to a family were both caught in leg-hold traps on public... Dog

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