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Elephants: Critical to America’s National Security

Published 10/01/14

Protecting elephants is not only a conservation imperative, but a security necessity. Every 15 minutes, an elephant is killed in Africa to feed the $7 to $10 billion global demand for ivory. Organized crime syndicates, terrorist organizations, and even government militaries are taking advantage of these record high prices, and the illicit ivory industry is becoming increasingly militarized. According to Adam M. Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA, "The elephant poaching crisis has reached historic levels and, shockingly, some elephant populations face extinction in our lifetime."

Link: Roll Call

Change a Life. Adopt a Primate.

Published 10/01/14

Will you "adopt" a primate at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary? Adoptions help us provide the monkeys with nutritious food, expert care, and critical rehabilitation. Adoption packages are available for $25, $52, or $100 per year, or become a Primate Sustainer with a monthly contribution of $10 or more. You can adopt Carly, Grinch, Khy, Nala, Friendly, or Mig (pictured to the right): a young female bonnet macaque who arrived at the sanctuary in 2006 after spending her entire life in a laboratory. Adopt today and give the gift of a brighter tomorrow!

Cat Survives After Getting Stuck in Illegal Bear Trap

Published 09/30/14

Scruffy, a cat from Royal Oaks, California, was found valiantly hobbling along his owners' driveway with a bear trap ensnared on his leg. The tabby has miraculously survived, but might require a paw amputation. Please donate to the Born Free USA Trapping Victims Fund to help cover the cost of veterinary care for other individual animals impacted by cruel traps.

Link: Catster

Born Free USA’s CEO Discusses Ivory Trafficking

Published 09/29/14

Listen to Animal Wise Radio's September 28 interview with Adam M. Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA. Roberts shines a spotlight on the dire plight of African elephants and the dangers of the illegal ivory trade, as detailed in Born Free USA's recent report, Out of Africa.

Link: Animal Wise Radio

Court Reinstates Endangered Status for Wyoming Wolves

Published 09/26/14

Federal protections for gray wolves in Wyoming were reinstated today after a judge invalidated the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2012 statewide Endangered Species Act delisting of the species. The ruling from the U.S. District Court halts the management of wolves by Wyoming, a state with a history of anti-wolf policies.

Link: The Spokesman-Review

Kohl’s Apologizes for Mislabeling Real Fur as Faux

Published 09/25/14

A recent investigation found that a men’s parka sold by the retailer Kohl’s with the description “faux-fur trim” actually used real fur from the raccoon dog, an animal in the same family as the domestic dog, fox, and wolf. Kohl’s apologized to its customers Tuesday, claiming that the company was unaware that the garment used real fur. Visit our Fur Free Retailer site to find compassionate retailers who have taken a stand against the use of fur in fashion.

Link: USA Today

Watch Unearthed Footage of Tilikum Trapped in an Inadequate Tank

Published 09/24/14

An archival video from 1992 has surfaced, giving us a better glimpse into the life of Tilikum the orca—and the lives of other captive orcas—at Sealand. A 10-minute video of Sealand’s facilities reveals its shockingly small pools, with an extended shot of Tilikum quarantined in a dangerously cramped module.

Link: The Dodo

Born Free USA's CEO Discusses Elephant Poaching

Published 09/23/14

Watch Born Free USA's CEO, Adam M. Roberts, on the latest episode of "The Pet Show with Dr. Katy." Roberts explains the current elephant poaching crisis, which was exposed by Born Free USA's recent reports, Ivory's Curse and Out of Africa.

Link: The Pet Show with Dr. Katy

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