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Beat the Heat with a Born Free USA Sustainable/Recycled Hat!

Published 08/01/14

This summer, keep cool with a Born Free USA eco-hat: our highlighted item for the month of August! Our sporty baseball-style cap is great for men or women, and features our Born Free USA embroidered logo. Made with 55% recycled polyester, the hat provides UV protection and moisture-wicking to beat the heat—and the Velcro closure ensures that one size fits all. Show your compassion for wildlife by wearing it proudly. Click here to order today!

Woman Loses Part of Finger During Lion Attack

Published 07/31/14

A Michigan woman was hospitalized after being bitten by a lion in a Michigan zoo. “I put my hand down there to pet it and it ripped my finger,” she says. The woman claims that a zookeeper let her into the lion’s cage, which zoo owners deny. Visit Born Free USA’s Exotic Animal Incidents Database for numerous examples of the dangers of interacting with exotic animals.

Link: WNEM

Killer Whale at Marineland Appears to be Ailing

Published 07/30/14

Suffering with teeth problems, a disintegrating dorsal fin, and what appears to be a significant depression behind her blowhole, cetacean advocates believe that Kiska, who has spent the last 35 years in captivity at Marineland, Canada, is very sick. The solitary Icelandic orca, who was captured in 1977 at the estimated age of three, hasn't seen another killer whale since 2011. Dedicated activists say that they have watched Kiska turn into the shell of what a killer whale should be.

Link: Digital Journal

Less Wildlife Means More Terrorism

Published 07/29/14

The harvest of wild terrestrial and aquatic animals each year injects more than $400 billion dollars into the world economy—but also breeds piracy, slavery, and terrorism. The over-harvest of wild animals, both from land and sea, has created a market defined by low supply and high demand. This has led to the proliferation of organized crime in some of the poorest parts of the world. Over-hunting and over-fishing have, at least in part, created conditions where human trafficking and terrorism can thrive.

Link: Conservation

Born Free USA’s “Fur for the Animals” Drive a Success

Published 07/28/14

A recent campaign by Born Free USA asked fur owners to donate their old garments to help rehabilitate injured or orphaned wildlife. “The furs are being used to replicate the warmth, comfort, and stimulation that young orphaned animals would have otherwise experienced from their mothers, siblings, and their natural environment,” says Adam M. Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA. The organization sent 100-plus furs to wildlife rehabilitation centers across the country.

Link: OnEarth

"Fed Wildlife is Dead Wildlife." Avoid Encounters of the Wild Kind.

Published 07/25/14

Learning how to respect and respond to wildlife in your backyard—and while camping, picnicking, and hiking—can mean the difference between co-existing peacefully and being in serious danger. “Fed wildlife is dead wildlife,” explains Adam M. Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA. “Once a wild animal becomes accustomed to hand-outs by people, they eventually become regarded as ‘nuisance animals’ which opens the door to lethal control.”

Link: Living Green Magazine

New York State Assemblywoman, Linda Rosenthal, Writes Dozens of Animal Rights Bills; Wins Gratitude of Activists

Published 07/24/14

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, a New York Democrat, has written laws that limit the testing of cosmetics on animals, outlaw the tattooing and piercing of pets, and more. Rosenthal is still waiting for passage of at least a dozen more animal-related bills she’s sponsored. “I have (authored) bills about practically every animal there is,” she said.

Link: New York Daily News

Six-week-old Baby Killed by Escaped Monkey in Crimea

Published 07/23/14

Once again demonstrating the dangers of keeping primates as pets, a blue macaque escaped from its wealthy owner’s private zoo in Crimea, gnawing through its tether and leaping into a nearby home. The monkey killed a six-week-old boy, tearing his head “to pieces.” Visit Born Free USA’s Exotic Animal Incidents Database for a comprehensive list of dangerous incidents involving humans and exotic animals in the U.S.

Link: Daily Mail

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