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Another Denmark Zoo May Kill A Giraffe (Strangely, Also Named Marius)

Published 02/13/14

Just days after Denmark’s Copenhagen Zoo publicly killed a healthy young giraffe, Marius, another zoo in Denmark is now considering ‘euthanizing’ yet another unwanted giraffe—coincidentally, also named Marius. Jyllands Park Zoo joined the same breeding program as Copenhagen Zoo, which means that it can’t have too many giraffes with the same genetic makeup. A final decision is still pending.

Link: CNN

No Orcas on Display at Sochi... But Captivity Continues

Published 02/11/14

The good news: Captive orcas will not be displayed at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The bad news: These orcas remain in captivity--in China and in small pens in Moscow--where some suspect that they’re being trained to perform for circus shows.

Link: One Green Planet

Copenhagen Zoo Publicly Kills "Unwanted" Young Giraffe

Published 02/10/14

Yesterday, Denmark’s Copenhagen Zoo publicly killed an 18-month-old giraffe, Marius, with a bolt gun—and fed his remains to lions. Despite international outrage and offers to rehome Marius, zoo officials decided to euthanize the “unwanted” giraffe to avoid inbreeding in the zoo’s giraffe population.

Link: NBC News

France Crushes 3.5 Tons of Ivory

Published 02/07/14

France has just followed the lead of Gabon, the Philippines, the U.S., and China by crushing 3.5 tons of its stockpiled ivory. Will Travers of Born Free commented, “By destroying this ivory, France is sending two key messages to the global community: that the illegal ivory trade is completely unacceptable and that ivory should never be allowed to enter the marketplace, where it fuels demand and contributes to the death of both elephants and the wildlife rangers trying to protect them.”


Rescued Hippopotamus Befriends Two Dogs

Published 02/05/14

Douglas, an orphaned hippopotamus rescued in Zambia by Born Free Foundation, is now being nursed back to health by the staff at Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust—and by Coco and Molly, two Jack Russell terriers. Douglas’ canine friends are keeping him company during his rehabilitation.

Link: Reveal

Summit to Pressure China to Reduce Ivory Demand

Published 02/04/14

This month, representatives from 50 countries—including Prince William, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, and Chinese media icons like actor Jackie Chan and basketball star Yao Ming—will attend a summit to pressure China to end their monumental role in the ivory trade. Born Free’s Will Travers states, “China is the biggest market because, in 2008, the international community decided it was acceptable to sell some stockpiled ivory to China and Japan to satisfy demand… What it did was it stimulated demand.”

Link: Voice of Russia

Alan Jackson and Kid Rock to Perform at SeaWorld this Weekend

Published 01/31/14

Several musical acts have cancelled upcoming concerts at SeaWorld amidst the controversy of “Blackfish,” the hit documentary that questions the practice of keeping orcas in captivity. Despite this backlash, Alan Jackson and Kid Rock are unfortunately still set to perform at SeaWorld’s “Bands, Brew & BBQ” event this weekend.

Link: CNN

Support Born Free USA with "Owls and Friends"

Published 01/31/14

One of our most cherished corporate partners, Owls and Friends, is doing a special month-long benefit for Born Free USA. We will receive 20 percent of all sales for the month of February! Its wildlife-themed jewelry, accessories, and gifts are perfectly in sync with the work we do to Keep Wildlife in the Wild. All items are carefully-selected vegan and fair-trade products. Please be sure to check out the Owls and Friends website and order by February 28.

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