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Help MA Shark Fin Bill Swim Through Legislature

Published 10/29/13

I alerted you in June to a fantastic bill that would outlaw the commercialization of shark fins in Massachusetts. “An Act relative to ocean ecology and shark protection” was introduced by Representative Jason Lewis (D-31). It is now making progress with a hearing in the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture. We need you to ask your state representative to weigh in in support of this bill – particularly if he or she is on this committee!

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You probably use a credit card, so why not choose Born Free USA's?!

Published 10/23/13

Support Born Free USA with the new Born Free USA Visa® Platinum Rewards Card. Choose from beautiful card designs: a tiger, lion, monkey, elephant, or wolf. When you apply for and use your card, the bank will donate $50 to Born Free USA, and will donate a percentage of your future purchases to Born Free USA, as well! The more of us who participate, the bigger the impact we can make.

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A "Wild" Weekend of Contemporary Art

Published 10/11/13

If you live in the LA-area, come see exciting contemporary artists at the 'Wild At Heart II' show in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 12 and Sunday, October 13. Admission is free and open to the public and includes live painting, a sponsored bar, music and more! Plus, 20% of the sales from the show support Born Free USA. Click here for all the details. Or you can view the show online and purchase artwork here.

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Nine New Rescued Baboons Settle In at our Primate Sanctuary

Published 10/11/13

It's your last chance to purchase a limited edition 'Crush the Ivory Trade' campaign tee shirt.

There's still time to help gray wolves! The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has proposed to remove the gray wolf from the list of endangered species, which would devastate their slowly recovering populations.

The nine baboon girls continue to settle in to Sanctuary life. Minor disagreements have occurred between some, so we've changed groupings for better cohesiveness.

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Meet Me in NY!

Published 10/08/13

I am proud to announce that my mother, Virginia McKenna, Founder and Trustee of Born Free, will be presented with a lifetime achievement award at the upcoming Wildlife Conservation Film Festival: New York 2013. Her extensive work for wildlife protection, beginning with her portrayal of Joy Adamson in the 1966 film, “Born Free,” has cemented her as a fixture in the wildlife conservation field. She continues to inspire me every day.

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New Jersey: Ensure Beaver Trapping Bill Dies in Committee

Published 10/01/13

In July, I told you about S.2665, an appalling bill in the New Jersey legislature that would expand trapping opportunities and put countless animals at risk. Now this bill, sponsored by Senator Stephen Sweeney (D-West Deptford Township), has been referred to the Senate Environment and Energy Committee. You have an opportunity to end its progress right here in this committee by convincing the members to vote against it, but we need your help. Our partners in the state have informed us that three out of five senators—Smith (the chairman), Beck, and Whelan—may vote in favor of the measure.

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Crush The Ivory Trade

Published 09/27/13

In just one week, I will be in Colorado for a historic event – an ivory crush! The U.S. government is going to pour 25 years’ worth of confiscated elephant ivory – 5.4 tons of wildlife contraband – into a rock crusher and pulverize it, to send a strong message to the world that elephant poaching must stop! Born Free is a global leader in fighting the ivory trade, which is currently claiming some 30,000 elephants per year.

At the ivory crush, I’ll be proudly wearing my BORN FREE USA CRUSH THE IVORY TRADE TEE SHIRT!

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Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary Welcomes Nine New Baboons

Published 09/27/13

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of nine new baboons to the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in Dilley, Texas! These female baboons, ages 13 to 23, were just retired from a laboratory research program. Pearl, Missy, Chloe, April, Friendly, Spicey, Brooke, Kennedy, and Lulu join 13 other baboons, 4 vervets, and more than 600 macaques at the Sanctuary. You can see pictures here and video here and here!

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