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Time's Running Out: Help Get Primate Bill Across the Finish Line!

Published 08/07/14

Good news! The Captive Primate Safety Act (H.R. 2856/S. 1463) passed the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works last week, setting it up for a vote in the whole chamber.

Every member of Congress prioritizes bills that constituents care about, so we need to keep letting them know that this bill deserves attention. Even if you have done so before, please call your Senators and Representative in Congress. (You can find their phone numbers here.) The phone call can be very short; simply say that you are a constituent and that you urge them to support S. 1463 (for the Senate) or H.R. 2856 (for the House). Then, send a follow-up email.

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New Jersey: Victory for Elephants and Rhinos!

Published 08/06/14

VICTORY! On August 5, Governor Christie signed a bill into law that will ban the sale, purchase, and importation of ivory and rhino horn in New Jersey. This law, sponsored by Senator Lesniak (D-33) and Assemblyman Mukherji (D-33), sets a historic precedent by prohibiting the commercialization of these wildlife products. Please contact Governor Christie and thank him for his compassionate decision.

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California Residents: End the Competitive Slaughter of California Wildlife

Published 08/04/14

Thousands of wildlife killing events occur across the U.S. every year, resulting in the senseless deaths of tens of thousands of wild animals. During these shocking and vicious competitions, the person or team who has slaughtered the most animals is crowned the winner. Please urge the California Fish and Game Commission to permanently ban wildlife killing contests in California.

You can submit comments in two ways:

1. Attend the meeting this Wednesday, August 6 in person in San Diego, CA. More information to be posted here.

2. Submit comments electronically or by mail (address below) by October 8 in support of the wildlife killing contest ban. Remember to include your full name and contact information to ensure that your comments are counted in the official record.

California Fish and Game Commission

P.O. Box 944209

Sacramento, CA 94244-2090

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Introducing Some Real Wildlife Heroes

Published 07/31/14

Today, World Ranger Day, we applaud the park rangers who stand at the front line of the struggle to save our planet’s wildlife. These brave men and women often work in extremely difficult field conditions, with little financial support from their governments, and are seemingly forgotten by some in the international community. They frequently lack the training and equipment they desperately need to defend wildlife—and themselves. If they pay the ultimate price by dying in the line of duty, they regularly leave behind widows and orphans with no means of generating income.

Born Free is proud to partner with The Thin Green Line Foundation to provide essential anti-poaching equipment and training to rangers, as well as financial support to families of rangers killed in the line of duty. Please help these heroes if you can.

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Ask Palace Entertainment to Free Lolita!

Published 07/25/14

Miami Seaquarium, where Lolita (one of the oldest captive orcas) resides, was recently purchased by Palace Entertainment. Lolita, kept in Miami’s Seaquarium for 43 years, is one of the oldest captive orcas alive. Despite violations of the USDA’s Animal Welfare Act (AWA), USDA allows Lolita to languish. Please contact the President and CEO of Palace Entertainment, asking him to retire Lolita.

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Urge Legislators to Save Primates!

Published 07/17/14

Charla Nash, survivor of a tragic chimp attack that grabbed headlines in 2009, joined Born Free USA for a press conference last week on Capitol Hill to speak out in support of the Captive Primate Safety Act. Contact your representative and senators to urge their support!

Born Free USA’s CEO, Adam M. Roberts, has two new blog series to promote wildlife conservation! Read them on Wildlife Extra and One Green Planet.

The Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary provides updates on the progress of our rescued primates.

During the month of July, Wise Owl Tales will donate 35% of the total sales from their website to Born Free USA. This thoughtful children’s book series educates kids about the importance of species conservation.

Born Free USA has teamed up with vegan fashion line Vaute Couture to offer a limited edition "Fur Get Me Not" tank top! It's already sold out on Vaute Couture's website... but it's still available here. All proceeds benefit Born Free USA.

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Spread the Message of Compassionate Conservation to the Next Generation

Published 07/10/14

Born Free USA is happy to partner with our friends at Wise Owl Tales! During July only, Wise Owl Tales will donate 35% of the total sales from their website to Born Free USA. We are thrilled to share animal tales from around the world with our members. This thoughtful children’s book series, intended for ages 3-11, features different animal species, compassionate messages, and wonderful illustrations to educate kids about the importance of wildlife conservation

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This Independence Day, Celebrate Freedom from Fur!

Published 07/03/14

Born Free USA has teamed up with vegan fashion line Vaute Couture to create a compassionate fashion statement! This limited edition "Fur Get Me Not" tank top sends the powerful message that we will not forget the animals who die in the name of vanity. All proceeds benefit Born Free USA.

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