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Press Releases

For Immediate Release: 08/05/10

Born Free USA praises Illinois Governor Quinn for signing Primate Pet Ban into Law

CHICAGO — Born Free USA applauds Governor Pat Quinn for signing a bill that will prohibit the private ownership of primates as pets. Born Free USA works to Keep Wildlife in the Wild and now Illinois becomes the 22 state to send a message that primates belong in the wild–not in homes as "pets."

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For Immediate Release: 07/21/10

Born Free USA applauds the Sacramento City Council for approving performing animal ordinance

On Tuesday, July 20th, the Sacramento city council approved an ordinance that will help protect animals used in traveling shows when they come to the city of Sacramento.

Commercial animal exhibitors including rodeos and traveling circuses will now be required to obtain a permit from the Animal Care Service manager 30 days prior to the scheduled performance.

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For Immediate Release: 07/16/10

Freedom for 15 Long-Tailed Macaques after Life in a Laboratory

Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary to welcome new arrivals

Dilley, Texas — Following the closing of an east coast pharmaceutical laboratory, 15 Long-tailed Macaques are getting a second chance at life. They arrive this weekend at the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary in Dilley, Texas, the only sanctuary in the U.S. that enables rescued primates to live freely in large multiple-acre native enclosures, with minimal human interference, far removed from exploitation. The Sanctuary is currently home to more than 500 primates, many of whom were rescued from roadside zoos, research facilities, and private possession.

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For Immediate Release: 06/17/10

Orphan chimps could head for Rainbow Nation with your help!

Two Chimpanzees Confiscated from Dealers Await Flight to Freedom

Two young orphan chimpanzees, recently confiscated from unscrupulous animal dealers in the Central Africa Republic (CAR), could be on their way to a Sanctuary in South Africa – if funds can be found right away!

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For Immediate Release: 05/19/10

Hopping Mad!

Born Free USA asserts live markets and other sales are: Bad for Frogs; Bad for Turtles; Bad for Native Species; Bad for the Environment... are they Bad for You?

In a wise but limited precautionary move, last month the California Department of Fish and Game adopted a ruling to cease issuing permits for the importation of live turtles and frogs in an effort to help protect the state’s sensitive habitats from invasive species and the diseases they may carry.

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For Immediate Release: 03/25/10

CITES Parties Confirm Vote for Elephants

Doha, Qatar — Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) today confirmed votes earlier this week to maintain strong international protection for African elephants in Tanzania and Zambia. This in the face of fierce lobbying to commercialize ivory once again.

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For Immediate Release: 03/18/10

No Appetite for Tuna

Doha, Qatar — In a stunningly shortsighted decision, Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species defeated a motion by the Principality of Monaco to protect the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna by a disappointing vote of 20 in favor, 68 against, with 30 abstentions.

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For Immediate Release: 02/25/10

Innocent Killer?

Warnings ignored. Species not suitable for captivity

According to eyewitnesses, as spectators watched, an orca (the largest member of the dolphin family) named Tillikum at SeaWorld Orlando grabbed his trainer and pulled her under the water. In a statement issued by SeaWorld, the trainer, who had 14 years experience training captive orca and dolphins, “drowned.”

This is the third time that Tillikum, whose stage name at SeaWorld is Shamu, has caused a fatality after nearly three decades in captivity.

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