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Coexsisting with Wildlife

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As human development progressively encroaches on wildlife habitat, conflicts between wildlife and people increase. Each year, in response to such actual or perceived conflicts, people turn to lethal control efforts — such as trapping — to kill "offending" animals. In addition to being inhumane, lethal control efforts are generally doomed to fail, as they don't address the root causes of conflicts or provide long-lasting solutions.

This is why we hear stories of dogs and cats caught and even killed in traps in their own neighborhoods! A neighbor may hire a "nuisance control trapper" who employs lethal trapping methods — sometimes without the customer even realizing it — and the trapper sets up steel-jawed leg-hold traps around their land. Then snap! A neighbor's dog or cat is caught in an instant. But there are other things that can be done without resorting to lethal methods.

To learn more about what you can do to help make and keep your neighborhood peacefully coexisting with its wild neighbors, visit Born Free USA's Coexisting with Wildlife section and learn what you can do, including ordering our Coexisting with Wildlife brochures.