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Trapping Victims Fund

Trapping Victims Fund

Whenever possible, Born Free USA wants to help cover the cost of veterinary care for individual animals impacted by cruel traps. Funds are available for specific and immediate emergency veterinary care for companion animals or wildlife impacted by traps and for specific costs associated with rehabilitating and releasing a wildlife trapping victim back into the wild.

(Read about the fund's recipients, and check out their photo gallery.)

Because of the traps' non-selectivity, both targeted and non-targeted animals — including family cats and dogs, threatened and endangered species — are victimized. Animals who survive may suffer severe physical injuries that require costly veterinary treatment and lengthy rehabilitation.

Funds are available on a case-by-case basis to individuals whose animals are injured by traps or snares. Funding also is available for wildlife rehabilitators, animal shelters or Good Samaritans who take in and care for a domestic or wild animal victimized by a body-crushing trap or strangulation snare.

To receive funds you must:

For more information about the Trapping Victims Fund program, send us an e-mail.

We also appreciate donations to the Trapping Victims Fund. The more money we have in the fund, the more animals we can help! So please consider contributing »