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Grinch came to us from a university laboratory in the summer of 2006 along with 10 other bonnet macaques who were being retired. Born in 1997, Grinch is in the prime of his life and after only a few short months with us he quickly gained body mass and agility in his new outdoor environment.

Grinch is quite a fan of the lady monkeys — and they of him. He spends a considerable amount of time each day grooming, resting or playing with the four females in his group. Cool nights find them all huddled together in one warm lump, with Grinch's long face and distinct hairdo peeking over the heads of his admirers.

Grinch also has shown an ability to not only tolerate but welcome other males into his group. Recently, when fighting broke out among the males next door, he showed great interest in Marco and Le Monde, and when we let them over he went straight over to them and initiated a grooming session with each one in turn. Now there's an even bigger huddle at night.

Grinch loves peanuts and sunflower seeds and will literally chase us around the enclosure trying to tease some more of his favorite treats from us. He isn't without manners, though, and will sit quietly munching while the girls gather around for their share.